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First Post

Hello all! This is the introductory post on my new blog the EU in view, so I’ll just take the opportunity to say a few words about what it’s all about and what I hope to publish here over the coming months. As an MA student in European Studies, I’m going to be sharing my perspective on current European issues in the hope of encouraging debate and reflection on the subject of Europe. In line with my own personal interests, you’ll notice a focus on the EU’s southern or Mediterranean neighbourhood, with a sprinkling of geopolitics thrown into the mix for good measure. I’ll also be taking a look at Turkey and Turkish politics as well. Hopefully you’ll find something here that interests you too!

I’ll be posting short articles as well as longer essays. I might also find space for some of my academic work that I’ve written as part of my MA, who knows. In any case, I’m looking forward to getting started, so look out for the first article coming soon! RM

(P.S. for more info see my about the blog page at

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